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Sunset & Venice

Book, Sweet Venice: Venetian Patisserie

Book, Sweet Venice: Venetian Patisserie

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Sweet Venice: Pasticceria Veneziana

Author: Alessandra Dammone Photographers: Colin Dutton Translator: Richard Sadleir 

Stories of Moors, amours, and epicures. Cake-making in the Veneto is a complex matter. At first glance, it may seem neglected, almost absent, but a closer look reveals ancient roots and some true marvels. Tiramisù, pandori, bussolai buranelli, zaleti, St. Martin’s biscuits, fave dei morti, fritole and galani. Its pastries are essentially simple. Made from a few ingredients, but delicious. Sometimes a little countrified. Shunning complications. Just like the people. Concrete. Direct. And straight to the heart.

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