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Book, Edible Wild Plants and Herbs

Book, Edible Wild Plants and Herbs

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Exquisitely illustrated with full-color paintings of all the plants and herbs in the book, ranging from dandelion and sorrel to sea beet and samphire, this is both a cookbook and field guide to the identification and use of foodstuffs from the wild.

There are almost 400 recipes covering nearly 100 different plant varieties and the illustrations, drawn from life by one of the country’s leading botanical artists. In the past the home kitchen provided a family with all its medicines and cosmetics as well as its food, wine, pickles, and preserves. There are recipes for soups, sauces, main dishes, salads, pickles, jams, sorbets, as well as teas, syrups, and lotions.

hardback, full color, 240 pages

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