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Seeds, Franchi Carrot Nantes di Chioggia

Seeds, Franchi Carrot Nantes di Chioggia

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Nantes is an heirloom that dates to the 1850s and is still popular because it is one of the sweetest carrots. Great for fresh eating! It has blunt tips and grows to about 7”. It is finely textured, with almost no core.

Work the soil deeply and water to get weed seeds to germinate before planting. Then remove all weeds and create a fine seedbed. Seed carrots in a straight line in rows 18-24 inches apart. Barely cover seed. Germinates in 3 weeks. When ferny foliage is 1-2 inches tall, thin to 2 inches apart by snipping off the excess plants at the soil line so as not to disturb the roots. Keep well watered. Harvest when the top of the root is about  an inch wide. For fall, leave roots in the ground through a few frosts for best flavor.

7 gram packet.