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Seeds, Franchi Bean Trionfo Violetto

Seeds, Franchi Bean Trionfo Violetto

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Bean Trionfo Violetto. -the prettiest bean we've ever seen!

Purple climbing French type bean. 75 days. Beautiful bean, long, slim and very crisp. Makes a stunning fresh bean salad when mixed with one of our green and yellow french beans. Turns green when cooked.

Like most French type beans, should be picked when no thicker than a pencil for greatest tenderness and best flavor. Pick regularly to encourage continued flower set.

Grow on trellis, tripods, individual poles. Space seeds 6 inches or 3-4 around each pole or leg of tripod. Plant only after soil has warmed up well.

30 gram pack. Approx. 90 seeds. Pole beans have approximately 1 seed per gram.