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Buon Appetito Seasonal Box, Single Shipment

Buon Appetito Seasonal Box, Single Shipment

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Introducing the Buon Appetito Seasonal Box!

Each box is filled with handpicked items to showcase the seasons of Italy. You may find items all from one region, or scattered throughout the country- celebrating the different ways Italians enjoy the fruits of their land. 

Included will be a newsletter explaining the theme and relevance in Italian cuisine, culture and recipes. 

please make note of order dates, because of the holiday season, December has an early order and ship date

Buon Appetito Seasonal Box 

-September, March and June will ship on or around the 15th of the month -must be purchased by 10th   

- December ships between Nov. 29th-Dec. 3rd, 2021. Must be purchased by Monday Nov. 22nd, 2021

Everyone loves to get a surprise in the mail! Why not send a gift box full of Italian goodies?

If this is a gift, please leave your greeting in the 'notes' section at checkout.

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 The items in these special boxes are handpicked and may only be available to those who have purchased the Buon Appetito Seasonal Box.

These special boxes will be available 4 times a year. Limited supply on hand, and once they sell out, there will be no more for the season. So be sure to order soon!