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Culinary Retreats

If you love food, travel and exploring as much as I do, then join me on one of my culianry retreats! 
Each retreat is different, from the ocean to the mountains, and everywhere in-between. My culinary retreats are meant to be relaxing and fun and an opportunity to meet new people and explore new things. 
You might find us hiking, crabbing, visiting a winery, cooking over a fire or learning how to harvest local fruits and vegetables. 
You may even find us traveling to Italy for the ultimate culinary and wine vacation! 
You never know where we might end up!
Culinary retreats for 2020-21 are currently being scheduled, so be sure you are on my email list and follow me on social media to stay up to date! 
Would you like to schedule a private culianry retreat? Contact me, and lets chat! phone 206-353-2468 or email
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